Economists report: East Bay Economy is getting warmed up...

Posted by Expert Gadget Reviewer on Wednesday, 17 February 2010

A recent report, East Bay 2010 Q1 Economic Outlook, noted that the East Bay economy, "will grow slightly faster than the state as a whole, but will not see rapid growth until the latter part of 2010". The report authored by Jerry Nickelsburg, Senior Economist for the UCLA Anderson Forecast, pointed out that:

  • Strong exports through the Port of Oakland will continue as the world economy recovers
  • The East Bay's manufacturing base will benefit from the National "re-stocking" of inventories as the U.S. recovery continues
  • The pattern of job loss is slowing, and is suggestive of job increases in early 2010

The report also pointed out some of the "challenges" facing the East Bay, including the devastated housing market (specifically in the west county region), and the continuing fiscal problems of our state and local government.

The complete report can be downloaded (HERE).